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Annotated Bibliography Assignment


Assignment details:
Annotated Bibliography Assignment
Part 1 Assignment

Topic: The Vietnam War

Part 1: 2 annotations,

You are required to have two different scholarly resources.

If you use several articles from one resource it is counted as only one resource.

A scholarly resource is written by an academic scholar, holding a Ph.D. or other terminal degree, is published in a multi-volume, peer-reviewed journal, and has ample references of its own.

Your annotations should succeed in the following:

1. your introduction (to the best extent you know it at that point in time)

2. capture publication details (title, author, journal, and page numbers)

3. briefly summarize the text

4. locate key terms

5. find controversies to analyze and evaluate, and

6. assist in the creation of new knowledge

Annotated Bibliography
This is one of the wars that the united states found itself in a state of humiliation when its military was defeated in 1975. As a result, the military was forced out of Vietnam by Viet Congo and Vietnamese forces. This was a tough war that led to massive killings and property destruction. As seen in the articles below, the war had various causes that could have been prevented. Various ailments such as cancer were associated with the war. Also, the war had an impact on mortality as seen in the discussion below from the two articles.
Pholsena, V. (2012). The (transformative) impacts of the Vietnam War and the Communist Revolution in a border region in Southeastern Laos. war & society, 31(2), 163-183.
In this article, conflicts are seen to have mainly originated from disagreements coming from the boarders. This article also tries to investigate the land transformation which was said to be borderless in a state’s space, ( Pholsena, 2012). Borders are seen to be the major causes of the one of those violent war, which was named as the Vietnam war because it was happened in Vietnam. Despite the US being viewed as a great super power, it is seen to have been overpowered in this war and as a result, the US troops were withdrawn from the land. Pholsena, (2012) says that the united states were involved in this war with the aim of making sure that there was no communist takeover. The article also clearly shows that the North Vietnamese government was trying, in conjunction with the Viet Cong to ensure that Vietnam was unified.
Vietnam was one part of French Indochinese Empire. In an attempt to retain control, Vietnam Launched a guerrilla warfare which was known as the Vietminh. As a result, on the eve of the War, the French diplomat said, you can kill ten of my men for everyone I kill yours, but in the end I will win and you will lose.’ This is one of the sentiments that led to the war.
McBride, D., Cox, B., Broughton, J., & Tong, D. (2013). The mortality and cancer experience of New Zealand Vietnam war veterans: a cohort study.BMJ open, 3(9), e003379.
This article looks at experiences of the veterans who were based in New Zealand. The main focus is on the experiences in matters relating to cancer and mortality. In the study carried out(McBride et al, 2013), the main aim was to observe the patterns that were exhibited as far as mortality and cancer incidences were concerned. This factors under consideration evolved as a result of the Vietnam wars. The assessment also establishing if there was any relationship that existed between the military service that was in Vietnam and the patterns that are exhibited by the cancer patients who are the veterans. (McBride et al, 2013). This is with the aim of proving if there was any direct relationship as far as the impacts of war was concerned.
The question that this study tries to answer is whether the war had any positive correlation with causing cancer among the veterans and the officers, (McBride et al, 2013). According to this article, out of the 3322 of the people who survived in the Vietnam service, 2783 were considered. The Vietnam war under consideration is assumed to have lasted between 1964 to 1972.
The results showed that services in Vietnam war provided a chance where those engaged in the war became exposure to herbicides in addition to other chemicals that impacted mortality negatively and made the rise of cancer ailments to rise significantly. The Vietnam war of 1964 to 1972 therefor had a big impact on morality and the health of the people.

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