annotated bibliography paper: Why The Explicit Music Videos Should Be Censored

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I need an MLA format annotated bibliography for 3 sources. I am writing a research about whether or not explicit music videos should be censored.

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Why The Explicit Music Videos Should Be Censored

Fuld, Gilbert L., et al. “Policy Statement-Impact of music, music lyrics, and music videos on children and youth.” Pediatrics 124.5 (2009): 1488-1494.

Music plays aa vital role in the life of people. It is used in entertaining, informing and as a way of securing a livelihood. Popular music is used almost everywhere in the world. This is through the internet, recordings, radios, and the new technologies as they arise. The music is easily shared among all the groups of people, both the young and the old. The music can also be listened alone(Fuld et al, 1488)The major age group that is likely to be affected by the music videos include the adolescents and the youths in general. According to Fuld et al (1490) The music videos watched by children and the adolescents need be looked at keenly since it is likely to affect their emotions, which will automatically lead to the change in their behaviours negatively.  According to the research carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics, music can affect the behaviour and attitudes of the viewers, (Fuld et al, 1488)

Kistler, Michelle E., and Moon J. Lee. “Does exposure to sexual hip-hop music videos influence the sexual attitudes of college students?” Mass Communication and Society 13.1 (2009): 67-86.

Music is said to be censored when the government or any other entrusted authority is given the power and authority to determine which music should be played in the given circumstances. They have the duty of screening the music to screen the music before being made accessible to a given group of people, particularly the children. Music is very influential to the young ones who are mainly at adolescent stage. Michelle & Moon, (70) states that many studies have found a direct relationship between the behaviour of the youths and the music in which they are exposed to. Teenagers who have a high exposure to the music videos, particularly those displaying some sexual vices have an impact on the teens. These teens are able to receive some form of sexual encouragement that make them have the urge of participating in sexual intercourse at their age. This is opposed to those who do not have the chance of viewing this videos, (Michele & Moon, 70). Michael & Moon continues to say that some studies of have shown that exposure to such videos have led to those who participate having a different attitude towards women which is negative.

Michael & Moon (71) stipulates that investigations have demonstrated the music industry, particularly the hip-hop music with some unhealthy outcomes. Rap and hip-hop music have provided positive correlation between the songs in in form of videos and the attitude of the youths towards premarital sex. Consumption of this videos makes the youths accept the premarital sex.

According to the studies carried out by Michael and Moon, (82), the hip-hop music and the music videos have an impact on the attitudes and distort the established norms. The videos are significant in the norms and values pertaining to the male participants.

Wright, Chrysalis, and Erum Qureshi. “The relationship between sexual content in music and dating and sexual behaviors of emerging adults.”Howard Journal of Communications 26.3 (2015): 227-253.

To confirm the same, Chrysalis and Erum, (227) says that there is a connection between the music having some sexual contents, the music lyrics, their videos, the image created to public and behaviour of the viewers. The sexual contents in the music leads to negative sexual behaviours. Consequently, the sexual behaviours lead to severe impacts to the youths and this include transmission of HIV/AIDS, the teenage pregnancies and other sexually transmitted infections. All these consequences occur to adults in each and every year in the US, (Chrysalis &Erum, 228). The faced consequences by the youths makes them drop out leave studies engage in various risky sexual behaviours and turn out being sexually active at an early period. (Chrysalis &Erum, 229). They continue to say that sexual stuffs in videos and also music lyrics is still high and continues to increase. For instance, from 1979 to 2009, it increased from 7.9% to 32.1% respectively.

Music videos which have some sexual content, even if at less amounts have led to some sexual behaviours. Exposure to this type of music has a predictable outcome that is related to sex, the engagements and attitudes in the risky behaviours, (Chrysalis &Erum, 230). Having access to sexual materials and in this case is the music has a direct likelihood that the parti8ciupant will engage in sexual intercourse. This is more applicable to the adolescents.

The government and any other entrusted personnel should therefore take into account on the impact that is likely to create to the youths. From the above discussion, it can be seen that those who participate in watching this videos get some form of stimulation and thus the urge to participate and thus have access to what is on display. There is a big difference between a person who have not had access to those materials and the other one who have been having a constant access to the same.

By considering the fact that some musicians may use the vice of having more sexual contain in the music to make more sale, it is wise to control what is made available to the citizens, and particularly the youths. Those who share the videos also aim at achieving their own objectives but do not consider the welfare of the youths. This cannot be possible if there no music censorship. As seen above, the impact of this music can be very harmful to the youths and can thus ruin their lives for ever, which might have been bright.


From the above discussion, it is clear that music videos have an impact on the behaviour and the attitude of viewer. Most of those who shoot the music videos aim at getting the highest possible benefits from the same, but do not necessarily consider the impact of their music videos to the youths. Music videos censorship is therefore very necessary.