Frequently asked questions

1Can you write my essay? Can you help me do my homework?
Yes, we can help you do your essay at any time. We are available 24 hours in 7 days, thus you only need to write to us and get back to you immediately. We have experienced writers in all fields of academics who possess wide knowledge in specific disciplines. Our aim is to serve our clients in the best way possible and make them happy. This is the reason we are here to make your academic work simplified. Our writers can handle any type of work and what you need is just indicate clearly the instruction you need followed and with no doubt will do that to your satisfaction. Therefore, you do not have to worry that we may not manage to handle your work. We dedicate our time in looking into your work and give the best quality that you would not find it anywhere else. We are here for you!
2For what educational level will you write my research paper?
Our writers can handle all levels of education starting from high school, college, university, masters and PhD. Therefore, if you have any academic works in any level of education then do not worry since we are here to help you out. We believe in doing our work cautiously and ensuring that it meets all the requirements without missing a word or a sentence. Our team of dedicated writers is qualified thus, you just need to give us your work and stay back. If you have many assignments that you feel are a bother to you, just give us we have your back. We have every professional field of career and writers who possess bachelor degrees, masters degree and doctorate. All these experts ensure that they are available at all time for you. They have all one mission in ensuring that they make every client happy so that he or she may come back once again.
3Can you write my research paper at a cheap price in the academic writing field?
Our charges are very cheap and friendly across any academic level. We are the cheapest online academic writers you would ever meet. Our rates start from $7 per page for high school level, $8 for college level, $9 for university level, $10 for masters and $12 for doctrine. Despite being this cheap, you are guaranteed of quality papers that meet all the requirements you need. Any grade you always wished or yearned to have we will automatically give you. Try us anytime of the day or night and you will never regret since will provide you with the best work. We value your effort in entrusting us with your money and that is why we cannot take it for granted. We will ensure we pay back with quality work making you feel that your money did not go into waste. Our services are excellent thus making us have a rating of five stars.
4Can you write my essay paper for me?-
We are here to write all types of essays in any field of career. You are guaranteed that every work you want handled that will give you the best. Our support or customer care services are available at any time. All you need to do is writing to us requesting your assignment done and your request will be our command. No matter how long or complicated your assignment may look, just feel free to contact us and we will handle that assignment for you. We do not find any work complicated since we have very qualified writers in all fields.
5How do I get started for my urgent homework to be done and submitted in time?
All your work will be submitted on time or even earlier. You just need to indicate the time you need your work. Our writers are fast in generating essays and extremely very fast in typing essays. If you feel you are approaching the deadline and your work is not yet done then worry less because we are here for you to ensure we submit your work to you on time. We always give you time to go through your work after we are done with it.
6How do I post my homework questions and academic assignments?
In order to post your work with us, all you need to have is a student account created in our website. Ensure that you have a working email with you that is very necessary when creating your account. Our website is user friendly thus; you will be guided step by step on how to create an account. Once you are done with creating an account, log in using the credentials you provided and you will find an option “Order Now” where you will be required to fill in your details regarding the homework. You can select the type of paper from the varieties of choices given. These choices may include term paper, application essay, CV writing, dissertation, thesis, response, class assignment, proposal writing, project writing among others. You will need to write the topic of the work and any additional attachment that gives more details about the work. Provide possibly a small description of how the work you want it be and will assure that all the instructions will be followed. Once you are through with filling all the requirements, proceed to checkout and your work will be uploaded. You will be requested to pay and choices of payment method will be displayed to choose. Once the payment is complete, the order is reviewed by a team of experts.
7What does the status of my research paper under review mean?
The moment you create any question with us, the status of the order you uploaded will change to “Under Review.” This is usually a stage where the order you provided us is being reviewed by the team of experts to determine the appropriate writer who will handle the assignment for you. This may take only 15-20mins since we really value your time. Once the order is reviewed and the best writer assigned the work, the status of the order changes to “In progress.” In case of any clarification from you we always get back to you therefore, we advise you be available at any time.
8How will I monitor the progress of my order?-
When you see the status of your order change to “In progress,” just know that your order has been assigned to the best writer. You only need to monitor your work from that moment so that in case we need more details we clarify from you. In addition, you will be able to find the writer whom your order was assigned to and you can communicate directly to him or her via private messages. You can talk to the writer and provide him or her any additional l information that you need included in the paper. A lot of cooperation between you and the writer will enable him or her speed up the work.
9Will you write my essay paper and submit in time?
Yes, you are assured of timely submission of your essay once you give us. Our writers are extremely very fast that you even get your work before the expiry of the deadline you provided us. Ensure you give earlier deadline than the actual deadline to submit your work in class to ensure you go through your work. This will help you determine whether your work was done according to your expectation. If in any case something a writer forgot to indicate, feel free to get back to us and will respond very fast. Our writers are ever available in case you comeback.
10Can I have a free communication with the writer who will write my essay?
You can always have free communication with the writer once the status of your order changes to “In progress.” You can write any private message direct to the writer for the progress of your work. Share any relevant information with him or her. You can request he send you the draft of the work after the specified time to check if he or she is in the right track. We advise that you do not share your personal contact or information with the writer for security reasons.
11Can you write my essay paper with zero plagiarism?
PLAGIARISM is highly condoned in our writing service. We do not tolerate any form of plagiarism and our writers do every work from the scratch. We guarantee work that is free from plagiarism since we value your success and our aim is to give you the highest grades you have ever wished for. Before submitting the work to you, we ensure we pass the work to COPYSCAPE to get rid of any plagiarism that may be present in the work. Our service assures you of original written work from the scratch that contain no internet source or someone else work.
12How do I receive the answer to my essay paper?-
The moment the writer completes the work, the status of the order you provided us changes to “Answered.” You can click on “Download” to view your answered order. You can take time to go through the work and once satisfied with the work you can give us the feedback. We can ask you to rate the work to know what you feel about the it. We will be glad if you respond to us about the work in due time.
13How do disputes work in the field of academic writing? Can I get full refund if dissatisfied?
In any situation the writer fails to meet your requirements, you are first advised to talk to the writer to ask him or her for a revision. Guide him or her accordingly and give all the important instructions that will enable him provide the answers right. If any case the writer does not completely provide you with the right answers or submit your work late, then we request that you write to us about the situation and will act accordingly. The admin will review the dispute and once satisfied by the evidence given, your money is refunded fully and the writer is penalized.
14Is essay writing service legal?-
Yes, our writing service is legal and that is the reason we are here to solve your academic questions and assure you of success. We ensure that your money is safe and the essay we offer back to you is quality to make you do well in your academic life. We request that you read further to our terms and conditions.
15What about customer privacy policy?-
We use an SSL 128 Bit encryption to protect your personal info and payment details. Your private information is safe with us. All the information you provide including your personal email and contacts are meant for your account and we do not share this information with anybody else. All the information you submit remain safe hence you do not have to worry about the personal information details you provide us. We remain to assure you of security and privacy since we truly value you.