Free Sample Essay About Personality

Personality refers to the characteristics possessed by an individual which makes the person appear unique among other people. The theory of Freud is more relevant in our lives because mostly the character of a person is greatly influenced by the parents who nurture us. The personality possessed by an individual at adulthood can be pointed back at the early stages of childhood because at this stage the child is eager to learn from the environment and from the parents. The features that the child will learn from the environment and the parents will play a crucial role in shaping the personality of the person at the adulthood years.

The Big 5 Trait theory contains a classification of traits that are possessed by different people. The internal traits possessed by an individual determine how an individual will behave in a given environment. The big five personality traits are; extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. Some individuals are associated with traits of been enthusiastic, full of energy, interested and very friendly. They are less discouraged by negative outcomes in their lives. They like so much to lead other people and to be recognized when in presence of the people. They are highly motivated by reforms in their daily lives though they are easily discouraged. Such kind of people are said to possess extraversion traits. Some people are very cooperative to social groups and they are very motivated to help others. These people seek solidarity in groups and they long to achieve emotional rewards, these category of individuals are said to have agreeableness trait. There are people who are self driven, they take initiatives to undertake the responsibilities. This category of people is said to possess conscientiousness trait. Individuals who are full of fear are known to be neuroticism though they motivated to work in free environment lastly openness trait is possessed by those individuals who are very focused with what they are doing. Open group are motivated to tackle the tasks that are complicated, they are full of tolerance to ambiguity. I like working in social occasions where I will be in charge of leading the people, bring the changes and interact with the people. I get highly discouraged when faced with challenges and I feel motivated when I achieve something that was challenging.

Humanism, a theory initiated by Abraham Maslow to explain the personality of individuals. I admire to work hard to meet my basic needs in order to satisfy my hunger and thirst; once I am fully satisfied I strive to ensure my environment is stable by ensuring I have a job that is reliable and a comprehensive health scheme. I seek to be part of the group where I feel a sense of bringing and accepted by the people who I interact with. I like creating new friends and share ideas and experiences to avoid loneliness. I admire to excel in my duties in order to gain the attention of other people and be respected by other people. Working under minimal supervision is my desire where I will perform my duties in an effective way in order to achieve the set standards. I am fully motivated by achieving all my goals and living the life I desired.

Maslow theory of personality development compared to big 5 theory traits has some limitations; The Maslow theory does not explain the extent to which an individual is satisfied by the needs to move to the higher rank. The theory addresses that the personality of an individual is based on conscious choices that are aimed to achieve excellence and fulfillment, the theory fails to recognize that the environment has a role to mold the character of the individuals. Another criticism of Maslow theory is that the needs that occupy lower rank must be fulfilled before an individual can achieve his or her potential and self- actualization. Whoever the theory has a number advantages;  Maslow theory of personality is very essential in planning how to motivate the employees in an organization in attempt to raise their productivity. The theory gives critical information of human needs which can be applied in designing products and implementing pricing strategies. Secondly, with the help of Maslow theory of personality the marketers are able to capitalize on the needs shared by a large group of consumers.

In my opinion biology has a little influence on the character of an individual, the genes in an individual have the power to influence the character of an individual but in absence of a conducive environment the genes have no power to express themselves in an individual, the genes have little impact in shaping the personality of the people. Environment plays a bigger role in shaping the personality of an individual. The character possessed by an individual depends almost entirely on the environment where one was raised and the experiences encountered during the early stages of life. The people who are together with the child during the childhood will contribute a lot in shaping the character of the child and even the genes that are responsible for the personality of the child will be influenced by the environment where the child is raised from. Therefore the environment and the experiences contribute almost to eighty percent of the personality of the individual compared to the genes that have little impact in shaping the character of the individual. In opinion the genes contribute to twenty percent of the characteristic possessed by an individual.

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