Free sample essay about Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Company major issues for a long time is to find a way to make their operations centralized. For some time, the company subsidiaries have been operating independently, making it easy for their competitors. They needed to work for a global firm to avoid a lot of competitions from other companies. The company work process was slow, and it needed to be changed so as to speed up the process. The SAP system that was adopted would help the sharing of the information and alsoexpedite the process. Having a centralize organization will improve the quality of the services provided unlike when each subsidiary is making its decisions.

Enterprise resource planning is an organization software that allows a company to use an application to manage the business, an automate the office functions, in terms of technology, services and human resource.Enterprise resource planning was essential for the company since it provides visibility to major processes and department. For instance, the finance, procurement, and human resource department. After the ERP, the company could purchase things as a whole and not each subsidiary doing it on its own.  ERP also allows automatic and coherent workflow from one department to the other hence making the work easier unlike in the first before the system was implemented.  The report was unified, and it only allowed one reporting plan from all the departments. The time to collect the report also reduced the use of the system.

The backup of the database of the company is stored in a centralized place and in case one company lost their data it will be easy to retrieve unlike when the system was not implemented. The system is much secured since all the companies’ transactions can be tracked. Hence, everything will be accounted. The ERP has helped the company to be a global firm because they now do things together, and everything that another subsidiary does can be tracked. The decisions and the operations can be donetogether.

Vodafone company implemented the plan was a success because of the way they handled the implementation process. They implemented the plan in bits from one department to another; they also used expertise to help the current employees to get used to the new system. If they had implemented in all the departments at once, they would have failed since it would be hard for the employees to get used and know how to operate the new system. The company is supposed to train their employees on how to use well the system for it to be very effective.

The new ERP system that was brought by Vodafone Company might have been expensive for the company, but it’s worth the cost. Vodafone Company is now a global company, and this meanslow competition from similar companies. The system has helped the company to be effective in all the departments; they can order good in bulk unlike in the past where each subsidiary would order its own good. Buying things in bulk becomes cheap hence reducing the cost of purchasing and increasing the profits.


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