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Wearable computers

Wearable computers are also related to as wearable devices or wearables clothes and can be put on the body with ease. This computer generation has same functions as the mobile phones, personal computers, and laptops, however, these can perform many other tasks that mobile phones and such other devices cannot perform. The purpose of these devices to foster a constant, portable, convenient and essentially hands-free access to computers and other electronics(Tehrani, Kiana& Andrew Michael).

The innovation in the computer world has covered a wide range sections that have appreciated its function, the military, health, transportation, fitness, education, aging, finance, disabilities, gaming, enterprise as well as music that embrace their use. Before they were introduced in the consumer market, these devices were majorly working in the military technology field with the largest implications in health care units and medicine.

The health care field has for over ten years been using the technology and asserts that the portable computers (wearables) are very efficient in monitoring health and wellbeing of patients for further examinations. For instance, Park and Jayaraman, in their 2003 medical report reveal that the smart shirt, a special type of wearable computer were designed to monitor the health complications of patients and thereafter send biofeedback data to a hub station(Tehrani, Kiana& Andrew Michael).

The devices are also taking shape in the gaming, fitness and entertainment world. The innovation picked its discussions way back in the late 1990s and it is seen to advance from the backpacks and large goggles to a more lightweight and mobile system (Tehrani, Kiana& Andrew Michael). These computers can be in theform of watches, the smart eyeglass, smart glasses like the Google glass, Vest, and many other forms. As for themilitary, they are incorporated into cameras and even other gadgets embedded into fighting jets. These devices have become normal, and even common people can walk on streets with tracking devices that were initially operated by law enforcement and or investigation groups. The wearables have taken various shapes and serve different purposes such as the headphones for music and cannot be exhausted in just a little discussion (Hoffman).


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