Free Sample Essay paper: Environmental management and conservation

Environmental management and conservation

In contemporary times, climate change has become a sensitive issue not only within countries but also globally. The effects of climate change are now being felt by all people from the most remote of all places; therefore, without effective approaches to mitigate these challenges, the world will soon vanish into extinction. As the Minister responsible for climate change, I am sharing with you my own reading of the IPCC’s WGII SPM.’ I am also proposing some of the things that we can do corporately to tackle this menace that is becoming wider with each minute. There have been many reported incidences of interference with human and natural systems in many continents globally. For instance, many forested lands are being cleared in search for farming and settlement lands. These human activities have created an imbalance in the ecosystem with atmospheric temperatures soaring to an all time high. Development of cities has also meant that there is an increase in the amount of carbon emissions especially following the fact that the earth’s green cover is diminishing at an alarming rate.

In the near future, the world is going to be a place not fit for human habitation if enough and effective mitigation strategies will not be adopted. For instance, according to the table below, global temperatures continue to be recorded in many cities across the world. Some of the effects have been melting of ice in many of the highest peaks in many countries. The continuous fluctuation of sea levels means that aquatic life is going to be affected in many ways. In the same way, countries that rely on such activities like tourism will no longer be in a position to do with the diminishing beauty of maintain and high peaks. There is a likelihood of coastal flooding with rises in sea levels in many countries. Some of the evidence of this has been coastal storms and hurricanes, which have so far claimed the lives of many people in many countries. At the same time, high temperatures will certainly lead to high morbidity and mortality rates especially for the urban dwellers and people that frequently work outdoors. With destruction of natural ecosystems, the probability of food insecurity is impending due to droughts, which affect agricultural productivity.

Adapted from the Report of the IPCC: Climate Change (2014)

In ensuring that the world can be protected, a raft of measures needs to be developed and implemented by all citizens of the world. As the minister in charge of climate change matters, I am actively involved in the enactment of policies that can assist us in ensuring that we take active roles in combating this menace. It is important to realise that climate is not only a national problem; instead, it should be taken as an individual responsibility if we are to achieve the goals of a secure global village for all. Inasmuch as policies and adaptations mechanisms can be put forth, their implementation should enhanced via different complimentary actions by all individuals. We are supposed to realise where we started going wrong and correct the mistakes from a personal level.

Adapted from the Report of the IPCC: Climate Change (2014)

While governments have a central to outline the particular steps that should be taken by all people in tandem with the particular policies, it is the duty of each person to ensure that implementation is done to the later. It is important that we evaluate the benefits that we will get if we commit to undertake all the necessary steps needed to reduce vulnerabilities that have so far been identified as far as this subject is concerned. Every person needs to ensure that they check on the emissions that are released into the atmosphere from the machines and other objects that they use. Reducing carbon emissions is essential in eliminating global warming. Governments should put up measures that encourage increasing forest cover so that excess emissions in the atmosphere can be taken up by green cover in their photosynthetic processes. In some cities, governments have been actively involved in giving regulations that guide development of infrastructure.




Report of the IPCC: Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability: Summary for Policymakers, available at:



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