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Population Explosion


Population explosion is a rapid growth of people in a small period in a given area and is something that results from the difference between the rate of birth and the rate of death. Population explosion worldwide has a huge effect on the economy and the environment and this, in turn, affects all people (Mcleish, 2010: 13).

Population explosion rate has now become a noteworthy burden to the well-being of all humans but understanding the factors that affect all population growth patterns is a very vital issue that can help plan for the future. In the 19th century, the total world population was at about one billion people which was the first highest number recorded in the history of mankind. After this period, population growth rates have been exponentially on the increase and reached very high numbers in the 20th century. However, after the 20th century, there has been a noticeable decrease in the population since then.

In this paper, we will see the causes of population explosion in different parts of the world. Next, the mechanisms giving rise to the unparalleled population growth and conceivable scenarios for future developments will be explained and discussed. We will also see the factors that can bring remedies of the explosion in population and see the advantages that come about. Otherwise, world population will show an increase in the growth rate for a period due to the momentum of the population. Lastly, this paper projects the debate on the consequences of the explosion of population, including poverty and the security of food, the result on the natural environment, and migration flows. Population explosion is very important in the hospitality industry since population growth presents expansion opportunities for the industry. However, it should be noted that population growth can also affect the industry in a negative manner: when it contributes to the worsening of the environmental conditions. It is very tempting, with of course a lot of gain from expansion for people to not put into consideration the total increase of one’s environmental impact on the planet. In this paper, we will see the importance of population explosion trend, the drivers of the trend that justify the importance, see how this trend is affecting the hospitality industry, when and where the trend is most pronounced.

The world health organization has always warned about the population growth as a very high population can bring about diseases and competition for the natural resources. The world’s resources are getting depleted, and that is why there is always a call advocating for population control. In as much as an explosion in population has a negative effect to the world, it also can have good effects on the business world. In the hospitality industry it can be advantageous and in this paper, we will look at the effect which this population explosion will have on the hospitality industry. We will be seeking to find out whether there are any advantages which are brought up by population explosion.

Population explosion can be defined as the unexpected and rapid increase in the size of human population: the unchecked growth of numbers of the population of humans which is caused by an increase in birthrate, a decrease in the rate of infant mortality and the improvement in life expectancy. Population explosion is more dominant in the underdeveloped and developing countries than in the developed ones (Morrissey, 1993: 22). Statistics show that the developed countries use family planning methods more than the developing countries. This has led to more increase of population in the developing countries than in the developed countries. In the past years, we used to hear of serious disease outbreaks in developing countries in Africa. This has however changed, and we hear very few cases of the same. This has been put in control by educating the people on ways of preventing such outbreaks. With lesser disease outbreaks, the population is healthy, and it continues to grow. There are also programs which are aimed at ensuring that the every child gets immunized. These immunization programs have made it easy to control the death of children and even adults due to preventable diseases like polio. This and many other reasons have brought about the population explosion.

This trend is caused by the accelerating birthrates: caused by lack of awareness of the impact of using birth control methods. In the developing countries, we still have a number of people who are not aware of the birth control methods or are just ignorant and do not want to use them. In some places, it is deemed as prestigious to have many children and therefore to the people living in those places, birth control methods are out of question. Why would they use medication to have fewer children while their tradition encourages having many children? It becomes extremely hard for the people in those areas to believe that having fewer children is advantageous to them. Another cause is decrease in infant mortality rate: due to the improved medical science and technology, the introduction of vaccines has reduced the mortality rate of young ones. There has also been an increase in medical and healthcare facilities.

Now, more than ever, people in the developing counties are now having access to medical services. There are more hospitals and dispensaries in the developing countries. There are more facilities which offer children care services. This has decreased the number of child mortality by more than a half. This then makes the population grow faster than it did in the years before. Finally, another cause of population explosion is an increase in life expectancy: due to increase in improved living conditions and health education, there has been an increase in the number of years a person is expected to live. People are now living a healthy lifestyle due to the education they are getting on living healthy.

Population explosion is expected to continue growing even in the near future; this means that the population we are having currently will be double in a few decades to come. However, it might be even worse since according to the strategic and international studies center, most official projections underestimate fertility and the future gains in longevity. Generations will also outlive former generations, and this will mean an increase in migration.   This trend is important in the hospitality industry because, with an increase in the population of people, there has been an increase in the demand for hospitality industry services. This demand translates to an increase in the number of customers which in turn leads to expansion of the industry (Chen, 2008: 231).

It has also led to the emergence of new markets: with more people in different areas of the world, the industry has been forced to open new branches in new areas to cater for the needs of the new customers. The growth of the elderly population is at an alarming rate, and with them forming the wealthiest segment of the society, many will want to travel to nice places and eat good food, take a cruise or fly for a long weekend, dine finely, and tour places (Chen, 2008: 266).

This issue of population explosion is very important to the future of my carrier in the hospitality industry because as a player in this industry, I must understand all the external forces that are operating if at all I am going to be effective in my job. I will need to understand the forces that affect the business on a daily basis or on some cynical basis and the singular events whose effects are immediate and ongoing. I will also need to know impacts of workforce diversity, demographic changes, resource scarcity and fluctuating food costs. We should come up with strategies which will ensure that the hospitality industry benefits from the population explosion and that it does not bring problems to the industry.

The hospitality industry depends a lot on the population when the population goes up; it means that there are more people to serve. The market is increasing and thus making it easier to access the customers (Becklake, 1990: 122). The world we are in has always been comprised of cut throat competition. Firms have always been in competition with each other to ensure that they get a good share of the few customers we have. This meant that the big firms had a better chance at succeeding in this competition because they are well established. The small firms have been in constant risk of failing since they cannot compete with the big firms whose goods and services are well known.

This forces the small firms to use the low-cost marketing strategy. This kind of strategy is the one in which you lower the goods and services to the lowest possible price. You have to ensure that the price is well below the other firms’ price. With this, there are few customers who get tempted to go for your low prices. This becomes the only way for the small firms to succeed. The problem with this is that it can cause serious losses to the company. The low pricing means that you have to lower the cost of production. This may not be possible to do because the materials used may be expensive. This means that you may be operating at a loss just to get customers. If a firm does not have a capital which can sustain it for some time as it builds its customer base, it will eventually fail because of operating at a loss (Becklake, 1990: 130).

This is where population explosion now becomes important in the hospitality industry. There will be a large market for the industry and therefore the growing firms will not be forced to lower their prices to get a few customers. Regarding my career development, I feel that this will be very advantageous for me, and it will help me as I start my career in the hospitality industry.  I have always dreamt of starting a firm which deals with hospitality. I have seen challenges in the name of the competition we have in the industry. This is quite discouraging for any investor. I can see that there are few huge companies which have the monopoly in the hospitality industry. This makes it hard for new entrants like me to get into the market. However, I think with the population explosion, I will be able to get into the market and get myself a few customers. I believe that with a high number of population, the demand for hotel services will be high and I can use that to my advantage and get myself some customers.

The big players in this industry will not be able to satisfy the demand for services by the huge population and therefore startups like mine will be able to withstand the challenges in the industry. The competition will be reduced and therefore the starting companies will not feel the heat in the industry. Competition is the biggest problem in any market, the higher the competition, the lower the chances of getting into the market. The small firms stand disadvantaged when the competition is this high. But when it is low, they can easily enter the market and establish themselves.

In my case, I will use the population explosion to my advantage and create a marketing strategy which will attract more customers to my firm. With a combination of good marketing strategies and a big market, I believe that my firm will penetrate the market and establish itself without the fear of being pushed out of the market. I can say that population explosion is good when you look at it from this perspective. In as much as it can have its disadvantages, it will help in creating more demand in the hospitality industry and therefore more opportunities for those who want to invest there (Lockwood, 2007:161).

In a case study which was done The Hilton Hotel shows that there is a growing market for the hospitality industry. This is due to the growth in the population, and it has enabled the hotel to get into many countries in the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East.  In these countries, there are more than 105 hotels. The population explosion has created a very big market for the hospitality industry which the hotel cannot completely cover. The number of people who need the services is increasing day by day. For instance, in the Middle East, the demand for hotel services is extremely high. An example is Dubai. The majority of the people here are tourists since Dubai is a tourist center. This means that there has to be enough hotels to cater for the high number of visitors who come to Dubai. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort is always filled. It is hard to get accommodation in this hotel. In fact, most of the people make reservation months before they visit. This has been caused by the growth of population in the world. There is a trend which shows that shortly there will be a very high demand for the services in the hospitality industry. The Hilton hotels in Africa are also facing the same issue. Many people are traveling to Africa for wildlife exploration creating a high demand for the hospitality industry. The number of hotels there do not match the number of people who want the services. Many people are even forced to sleep in substandard hotels since the population surge is so high that there are no enough hotels to serve the people.

This now calls for the players in the industry to brace themselves and ensure that they are ready to accommodate the growing demand. This is a good place to invest in since there is a high demand for the services. If the players in the industry took advantage of the population surge, they could create profitable businesses in this industry. One should do a good research and find out where the demand is highest and invest there.

An investor should undertake a research that will enable him/her understand the seasons the services are highly demanded. Also study on the various services that are highly demanded and also check on the target group which the business will target. A better understanding of the industry before venturing means good basis to development. It will enable development of a cohesive plan which the business will always. High population means higher demand for services that are well provided. Quality services with considerable charges means higher demand. There is a lot of opportunities that are brought about by high population and hospitality industry is not left out coz its services are highly wanted and thus much demanded.

In conclusion, although it has been known to have negative effects in other areas, population explosion has a positive effect on the hospitality industry. There is a growing demand for these services and the players in this industry are finding it hard to satisfy the demand. This has reduced the competition in the industry making it easy for the entrepreneurs to make it into the market. This is a good thing for my career development since I am planning on investing in this industry. The higher the demand, the easier it will be for me to get into the market and establish myself. This will be good for my career and I will have achieved my dream in having a firm in the hospitality industry. I believe that with the kind of demand we have owing to the population explosion, I will be able to grow fast and make a good career in this industry.


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