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Assignment Instructions:

please write a response essay about self-reliance.

I need it in 4 hours. Also, I need it simple.

1-the essay should be about 600words.
2. Use the 5 quotes from the article .
3. It’s an Analytical essay , not reflection.



Self Reliance

After I read this essay, I have realised that man has an inner being that is essential for his stay on earth. The soul of a man is effective in providing the right guidance onto what is being done at any point in time. The author says “Man is his own star; and the soul that can” (Ralph Line 1)By man being his own star, the author of the poem aims to say that there is no other way that one can be directed by other means if not his own choice of life. On the other hand, for man to have light, the soul plays an important role. A man’s soul is important in the sense it provides grounds by which man can think and device ways by which he can manage life in his environment. The author stress the fact that time is of essence is man is to manage good life on earth. To this he says, “Nothing to him fall early or too late” (Ralph Line 2). This implies that all that happens to a man is something set to happen at its best time. This is true in the sense that as a person grows, the different miles stones and activities of life tend to happen at different stages of life. In the course of life, the author tends to suggest that the actions that people can be both good and evil, “Our acts our angels are, or good or ill” (Ralph Line 5). This is true from the sense that as a person grows, they increase in their knowledge of good and evil, yet they still find themselves doing what falls in both categories of either good or evil.

The author explains that man has his soul with him always, “Our fatal shadows that walk by us still” (Ralph Line 6). The author tends to explain the fact that driving force of a person is not necessarily in his physical being. Instead, it is the soul that directs what everything is being done. The author tends to teach people that they can rely on themselves in managing their different activities of life. We live in a society where people depend on each other to do even the minor things of life. In this poem, Ralph stresses the fact that everything that one can achieve can be done because a man has his own guiding star that perfects the way as they live. Ralph is of the idea that the strength that a person has are a result of power that is in their hands and feet…… “Power and speed be hands and feet” (Ralph Line..10). in the above line, the wisdom by the author o the poem is that one should not be a conformist, striving to stick to the rules and procedures that are laid down. This means that it profitable for a man to find their own ways in life and achieve whatever they deem important for their lives. It is important to realise in almost every corner of life, the society seems to be in some kind of conspiracy over manhood as well as each of its members. This places strain on man to discover new ways and means by which they improve their lives and create a safe haven for themselves. The motivation is that once a person has a soul, then it becomes the guiding factor into achieving every goal that they decide. In this poem, the ultimate theme is that trusting in thyself is important for achieving personal goals and objectives. A person has to agree and accept any form of divine provision, which will often come at one point in life.


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