How to Turn in a Late Assignment via Turnitin

It is important comprehend that several academic performances in various school levels rely on many written assignments. Specifically, this possesses an influence on an individual’s final grades. On the same note, a number of papers have given higher education institution learners hard times as the tasks need considerable attention as well as time. With that said, students need to comprehend that submitting assignments on time is one of the vital requirement that must be achieved in case one does not want to score an F; however, some learners are unable to meet the aforementioned demand. In spite of the fact that many students who fail to submit their papers on time tend to challenge Turnitin, professors are in a position to determine late submission. Nevertheless, there exist numerous adequate ways to submit a late assignment through Turnitin. Therefore, the current paper focuses on various effective strategies to turn in a late assignment.

To begin with, when learners enroll in a particular class appears in the assignment box as well as if an individual has not turned in his or her paper, “No Submission” pops as the assignment title.In this case, one is capable to view other people who have not turned in their papers by clicking on the title column heading to characterize the inbox by paper title. In case no assignment listed prevails, a student or his or her classmates are unable to submit the assignment up to the point when the assignment is developed. Therefore, learners are advised to access the correct course prior to contacting the instructor. The reason is that only professors in charge of a class can establish assignments.

It is noteworthy that in case a student accidentally enrolls many times as well as he or she reads a submission or even No submission, an individual is required to click the author box to sort his or her name as well as look for duplicates. On the same note, students can learn on the way to organize assignments by viewing the getting one’s students started column. Notably, to utilize the assignment inbox, students should go to “All Classes” box and this takes an individual to the instructor homepage. At this point, the learners are required to go to their desired class name as well as are in a position to access the class homepage. In the action column, one is needed to click the viewlink button. In case the paper is submitted late, the submission date indicates red and if no delivery has been made by the due date, the word late appears in the date box in red.

It is important to note that there exists three proven ways on the way to cheat Turnitin. To begin with, students are required to change the due date or even modify the prevailing assignment link. In this alternative, learners are needed to login into their account and go to the control panel. They are required to select course tools and then pick Turnitin Assignment from the drop-down list. Afterwards, students should choose the Turnitin Assignment link. At this point, one should go to the top menu as well as select the edit assignment button and change the due date. In this case, one must ensure that date is set after the deadline. After doing all the above, a student should hit the submit tab to save the changes.

On the other hand, students can edit the Turnitin assignment settings to submit a late paper.In this case, settings are edited by going to the content, determine the assignment link, and then select the action link as well as find the edit assignment button. Additionally, submitting a corrupt document is regarded as another adequate approach to help students turn in a late paper through Turnitin. At this point, learners are advised to open a new word file and type irrelevant information because instructors are unable to read the document. After having a file with irrelevant information, students should save it by use of command +S for Mac or shortcut Ctrl +S for Windows.Afterward, one should close the document as well as reopen it. In case the file is corrupted successfully, students see “the document path is invalid” for Window users or “convert file”dialog box appears for Mac users. At this point, learners should turn in the corrupted file through Turnitin and start competing the real paper. Notably, the instructor will take a few days or weeks to open the submitted file. Afterwards, the teacher is forced to send the student an email asking him or her to resubmit the correct paper. As one waits for the email from the instructor, he or she uses that time to complete the real paper. It is important to understand that the trick above should be one’s last resort since if an instructor recognizes that a student turned in a corrupt file deliberately, he or she might be in trouble. Therefore, learners are advised to ask for an extension first before opting for the aforementioned approach.

Students need to comprehend the way to turn in a late assignment through Turnitin. In this case, once a learner has beaten the deadline successful using the tricks above, he or she can submit a late paper with peace. In order to turn in one’s paper on Turnitin, he or she must login as well as submit the document to the prevailing assignment. Students can turn in their assignments utilizing two approaches including file upload submission as well as cut and paste. To begin with, the former method requires an individual to login to Turnitin and locate desired class name. At this point, one should hit the submit tab and then choose single document.

Afterward, one is required to enter his or her submission title and upload the assignment from different devices, such as Dropbox, PC, as well as Google Drive. The cut and paste option requires students to click on class name after logging to their account. At this point, learners are needed to hit the submit tab and then select cut and paste button from the drop-down menu. Students should enter the submission title as well as copy the content, and this should be conducted from a word processor. Notably, one should not type the whole assignment manually because the action can contribute to login time out. Overall, after students have accomplished to submit their assignments, they recognize a digital receipt in their browser window. In addition, a copy of the turned in paper is sent to an individual’s email. Therefore, learners are advised to utilize valid email addresses.