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How to write a good essay: Best Practices for Transitioning in an Essay


How to write a good essay: Best Practices for Transitioning in an Essay

This paper discusses the best processes that can be used to teach you how to write a good essay. This far you can manage to write a good outline, a good thesis statement and an educational body paragraph that provides enough details of what you will discuss about. Nevertheless, for most learners, the trick originates at changing from one paragraph to another and between sentences.

This paper will expound the accuratemethod of transitioning in your paper to give it an organic impression.

Transitioning in Your Paper

In most papers when writing, you need many changes to make. The majorchange that you need to make is the one between sentences. In what way do you change between sentences in a method that the person who readsthe article or the essay feels the link? The other change is between the opening paragraph and the main body section. Once you have written the thesis statement at the last sentence of the first paragraph, exactly how do you change over between this thesis statement and the first body section? The lastchangeover is between the body sections. In what way do you begin a freshcoreidea after finishing the explanation of the first idea? When learning just how to write a good paper, it is significant to comprehendin what way to do these changes.


To describe these changes, I may use the following clause:

“There are three main fantasy trilogies have made their mark in today’s works of literature. One of the most notable fantasy works today. This story revolves around a young boy, Harry, and walks through the adventures he experiences after joining the Hogwarts School of Magic. He represents good in a world filled with a lot of evil. Similarly, we see the exploration of the theme of good versus evil in The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Sauron represents evil, and the hobbits attempt to trump him by destroying the ring that will give him ultimate power. Finally, A Song of Ice and Fire also attempts to depict good and evil, although the lines between the two are at times blurred. In the first two books, you clearly see that in the end, the good people triumph over evil. However, with ASOIF, we are still holding our breaths. Will the white walkers win over the people in the south of the wall or will the kingdoms of Westeros hold them off?”

Transitioning Between Sentences

Beneathstandardsituations, the move between dual sentences comprises a connectionphrase. There are diversecategoriesof conjunctionsthat may be used, the choice of which relies on the connection between the dual sentences. Certainconjunctionsdisplayresemblance, whereas others portray the dissimilarities between the dual sentences. Other conjunctions add infowhereas others specify the effect of the leading sentence.

In the clausedirectly above, the conjunctions used are “Similarly,” “Finally,” and “However.” The first conjunction displays the comparison between Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. The other one specifies the ending of a serieswhereas the third showsdisparity.

When learning how to write a good essay, it is significant to note carefully the usage of conjunctions to use between sentences as it provides your clauses a flow. Nevertheless, conjunctions ought to not be aimlessly used where they do not relate, as in some circumstances, they are not essential.


Transition between the Paragraphs

In the otheressay in this sequence on just how to write a good essay, we described  writing a thesis statement  This statement is set up on the lastsentence of the first paragraph and provides the base on which the paper will be written.


The changeover to the main body sections is done in its subject sentence. This subject sentence ought torecall on the thesis statement and forward to your majorimpression in order for the person who reads to comprehend the association between the two.

To provide an instance:

Thesis statement: Communaltransport may solve some of our towns’ most determined and persistenthitches.

Transition/topic sentence: The major concern that communaltransport will solve is traffic flow congestion.

The association in the sentence directly abovehas been recognized where it first remarks what is going to be specified is a concern. The thesis statements refer to hitches that have been resolved using communaltransport. Furthermore, the sentence explores into the first difficulty which is traffic flow congestion.

The move between paragraphs is done in a comparablemethod. Rather than create the association in the final statement of the first paragraph, you are recommended to make it in the theme sentence of the next.

Using the instance above on imaginaryseries, the paragraph after could begin like this:

“Away from the theme of good and evil, we see the aspect of power playing a major role in these books.”


In the sentence directly above, you will have referred to the debate in the earlierclause that is the theme of good and evil. Additionally, you will have presented a freshtheme to debate in the section that is the feature of authority.

Implied Transitions

As conciselyspecified above, not all changes would be interposed by the usage of conjunctions. In other examples, the change between two sentences or paragraphs would be seen in the flow of reasoning.

The following is an extract from one or Ernest Hemmingway’s stories, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot:


“….This set his heart to pounding and he hurried back to his own room but Cornelia was asleep. He did not like to wake her and soon everything was quite all right and he slept peacefully.

The next day they called on his mother and the next day they sailed for Europe. It was possible to try to have a baby but Cornelia….”


This extractincludes the finale of one clause and the opening of a new one. Here, Hemmingway did not remark what was happening in the clausebeneath as displayed in the instance above. He only transitioned in a rational and comprehensibleway. The first section ends with him talking about that the character went to bed and the one after talks about the next day.

When learning how to write a good essay, it is essential to comprehend when to allude the association between clauses using rationality.

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