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How Top Students Study




Perhaps in your class, you have someone like Stephen Hawking who anytime finds a way of scoring a 95% while, on the other hand, you struggle to score a 55%. Mostly, students usually blame their genetics for failure other than focusing on their study habits to find out where there is a problem. Below are some of the study habits that students who perform well implemented.


Create a study plan


It seems that very few students embrace the usage of a study plan. As a student, you need to create time for all your subjects and even more time for those subjects that give you trouble. An excellent study plan comprises of time for rest, assignments and also sleeps to keep you on toes.




You should try to read small parts of the books intensively and avoid perusing and highlighting of all sentences. Top students usually ensure that they cover all the topics extensively to understand and also save time in the future. Remember that studying is all about understanding and not turning the number of pages in a little time.


Study Breaks do help


It is not right to force your brain to take in more than you possibly can. Instead, you can at least take 20/30 minutes to break after studying for some time and also longer will work after studying for several hours to improve your memory.


Make some notes


If you want to raise your scores, you should learn how to summarize the study topics and avoid cramming of the whole textbook before exam time. It is advisable to read your notes and create some personal notes which will help you remember and understand what you have learned.


Get enough sleep


Staying up the whole day and even night is not the key to performing better. Your body requires a lot of rest to conduct normal operations at their optimum. Once you feel exhausted, you tend to forget anything you read. Therefore, you should get enough time to sleep and keep consistency in reading pattern to avoid confusing your body.


Testing themselves often


Getting to understand your notes help to get to the top rather than cramming them. After reading the letters, prepare some questions to verify what you have learned. By conducting regular testing, you will be able to realize what you know and what you don’t know. Top students also find past papers and revise them in n exam setting. Try to treat your studies seriously as you do for an exam.


Following what they love


It is not possible to have control over all the subjects or units you are undertaking, however, you’ve got a chance to at least choose the groups you feel you can take. Please follow what you believe you enjoy and put more effort into it. It has always been easy to perform well in subjects that love.

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