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A paper of good quality has no errors. Based on the context of law assignment writing service, the paper should be well-structured, researched extensively with proper arguments. A well-structured paper should not have sentences that are too short or too long. The student should think effectively and efficiently to avoid writing too short or too long sentences. The best way to avoid making such a mistake is through putting together the long and short sentences. The long sentences could also be broken down to form two sentences. The student should learn how to use both simple and complex words for the paper to be well understood.

While writing and essay assignment or needs law assignment writing service a student should consider the voice the text requires. In this regard, both active and passive voice could be used in writing of a paper but active voice is most preferred. Using a passive voice may make it hard for the teacher to read and understand. The use of active voice makes the teacher understand the point the student is passing across. Using both voices in the same paper would create more confusion for the teacher and may lead to misunderstanding the information presented. Understanding of information in the paper would lead to a better grade. Obtaining good grades would help a student compete fairly in this competitive world. It is also believed that good grades lead to success.

In the paper, when writing a law assignment, the writer should have a clear introduction, thesis statement, well-structured paragraphs, and subheadings. The body of the paper should have subheadings that reflect on the assignment. Sentences in a paragraph should be well-written and should never begin with a conjunction. It may not be wrong to start a sentence with a conjunction but the student should understand the nature of the assignment. Some assignments do permit but others do not. In case a student begins a sentence with a conjunction, he should not follow it with a punctuation mark such as a comma. Putting a punctuation mark after a comma is academically wrong and may lead to penalties.

A mistake that students make in writing a law assignment is by using a wrong word or phrase. In writing, a student may use formal or informal language. In assignment writing mostly the student is advised to use formal language. Formal language is well understood and has no hidden meaning. By using a formal language, the student would be able to present information in a way that is easily understood without losing meaning. Formal language is also simple and shows the teacher the seriousness of the student on the subject matter. A good presentation that could easily be understood would lead to a better grade.

In writing a law assignment the student should be able to keep the paper interesting. The paper would be made interesting by avoiding repeated words. Repetition in writing of assignments becomes tedious. Repetition shows that the student did not carry out research extensively. Carrying out research extensively on a certain topic would enable the student to have alternative words to use in writing of assignments. Repetition could be caused by a student paraphrasing a sentence. A paper that is paraphrased is not well presented. A paper that is not well presented won’t be classified as that of good quality and may have some percentage of plagiarism.