Ten books Appropriate for children in K to Grade 3(Age 8)

Ten books Appropriate for children in K to Grade 3(Age 8)

There are various popular books that are appropriate for children in K to grade 3. In this paper I will write annotated bibliography of ten books that are popular in children in k up to grade 3.

  1. Hoffman, M., & Binch, C. (1991). Amazing Grace. New York, NY: Dial Books for Young

This book is about a girl called Grace who loved stories. She decides to audition as Peter Pan whereby her classmates think she should not since she is African-American and a girl. The topic of the book is about perseverance and determination which Grace portrayed in the story. This topic is useful to children since it encourages them never give up in their dreams.

  1. Louise Derman-Sparks; Patricia G Ramsey: What if all the kids are white? : anti-bias multi-culture education with young children and families: Teachers College Press, 2011

The book is about how the concept of being white in race has influenced the society. It shows how the white discriminates other people who are non-white. The topic of the book is appropriate to the specific group of children since it creates awareness on how to fight racism.

  1. Lois Brandt; Vin Vogel: Maddi’s Fridge: Flashlight Press, New York 2014

This book is about two best friends Sofia and Maddi who are neighbors. Sofia’s fridge at home is full of nutritious food while Maddi’s fridge at home is empty. The topic of the book is about empathy and friendship since Sofia helps Maddi. This instills virtues of friendship to the children.


  1. Natasha A. Tarpley; I love My Hair; Little, Brown and Company, New York 1998

The book is about Keyana a beautiful girl who loves her black hair and is proud of it. The book talks about self pride that children should have especially those who are black. It is appropriate to children since they need to have self-prided whether they are black or not.

  1. Sandra Pickney; Shades of Black; Scholastic Publishers, 2000

This book is about the beauty and diversity of African-American children suing poetic language. The topic of the book is self-esteem and multi-cultural. It is appropriate to the children especially African-American children to be proud of their skin, eyes and hair.

  1. Stephanie Waxman; what is a Girl? What is a Boy? ; Thomas Y. Crowell, New York 1989

The book is about Rachel who was confused about her body characteristics. The topic of the book is about how parents should explain sexual differences to their children. It’s appropriate for the children since they would understand their gender roles and behavior.

  1. Michelle Benoit Slawson; Apple Picking Time; Trumpet Publishers, New York 1995

The book is about ethnically mixed communities who are picking apples in a farm and a migrant family is being helped to pick apples by their little daughter. The topic of the book is the virtue of working hard and is relevant to the children in order to learn the essence of working hard.


  1. Karen Ackerman; By the Dawn’s Early Light; Simon and Schuster, 1994

The book is about a story of African-American girl whose mother works in graveyard from 7PM-3AM and support her by doing household chores. The topic of the book is being productive and it is appropriate to children since it shows the essence of being productive.

  1. Pat Brisson; Mama Loves Me from Away: Boyd Mills Press 2004

The book is about Sugar whose mother had been imprisoned and during her mother’s birthday she takes her a birthday card in prison. The topic of the book is about child’s separation with her incarcerated mother. It is relevance to children since it can help to explore the feelings of a child whose parent is in prison.

  1. Charlotte Zolotow; A Father Like That; Harper Collins, 2007

The book is about a boy who grew up in a single mother family and wonders how his life would be if he had father but later realizes that this can’t deter him from becoming a good father. The topic of the book is family and how to overcome obstacles. It is relevant to children since it teaches them how to cope with after-effects of parental abandonment.

Books appropriate for teaching children from birth to age five

  1. Coleen Paratore; 26 Big Things Small Hands Do;Free Spirit Publishers, 2006.

The author talks about how children ABCs and discover many positive actions they can do with their own hands. The topic of the book is relevance to children since they learn that however young they are they can make difference in the lives of those around them.

  1. Annie Kubler; Busy!;Child Play Limited 2003.

The author shows how various children from different ethnic group engage in different activities such as eating and walking together. The topic of the book is relevant to the children since it helps them to realize their abilities.

  1. LeslieNewman; Mommy Mama and Me; Tricycle Press Publishers 2009

The author illustrates how a toddler spends the day with mommies. It illustrates how the child engages in hide-and-seek, then bathes and eventually sleeps. The topic of the book is about how a loving family can do many things while together. It is relevant to children since it illustrates how they can share loving bond-between the same-sex parents.

  1. Roberta GrobelIntrater; Smile; Scholastic Publishers, 1997

The book depicts the universal language of a smile as different kids are depicted smiling in the pages of book. Each page has a smiling baby which attracts babies to hold these small sturdy books and gaze at the candid and appealing photographs of all kinds of baby faces. It is relevant to them since they are first read-aloud book and its small size is convenient for them.

  1. Loretta Lopez; Birthday Swap(The); Lee and Low Publishers New York, 1997

The book is about a young girl known as Lori who was finding a gift to give to her sister during birthday party. The topic of the book is about joy that comes from giving and receiving gift. It is relevant to children since they will learn the virtue of giving.

  1. Therese On Louie; Raymond’s Perfect Present; Lee &Low Books Incorporation

The book is about Raymond who wants to give a gift of flowers to his mother who is hospitalized after he saw a young woman smiling with pleasure after receiving such a gift. The topic is relevant to babies since they will learn how to give perfect present to their loved ones.

  1. Alexandra Day and Cooper Edens; Christmas We Moved to the Barn; Harper Collins, 1997

The book illustrates how a single mother had set to celebrate a warm and cozy Christmas with her family only to be evicted in their house. Together with her family they celebrated it in a barn with joy. The topic is relevant to children since it shows the essence of family togetherness.

  1. Kati Teague: Getting Dressed: Renyi Publishers, 1989

The author of the book illustrates how toddlers from different races are being dressed one cloth at a time. The topic of this book is relevant to babies since it teaches them how to dress on their own.

  1. Maya Ajmera; To Be a Kid; Charles Bridge Publishing, 1999.

The author illustrates how to be a kid is the most exciting thing to be. It illustrates how kids play with their parents and friends universally. The topic of the book is relevant to children to enable them grow up without any discrimination based on where a child comes from.

  1. Robie H. Harris; GoodbyeMousie; Margaret K. McElderry Books 2001

The book is about a small boy whose pet mouse dies and he is sad about it but later accepts that and moves on. The topic of the book is about acceptance which is relevant to the children to learn accept the way thing are and move on.