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Tips on how to write and defend your dissertation effectively


How Do I write my dissertation effectively?


What information do you have about thesis? Can I guess? You must be thinking how it scares you and has so many pages and concepts that you could not understand. The dissertation is a line between a doctorate a student who has graduated and is probably made to make sure that he/she fails. If you think this is a thesis or you have no clue about which paper is talking about, you need this article for clarification.

Therefore, what is a dissertation?  What is a thesis defense? What is the length of an essay? Here are the answers to these questions.


  1. Definition of a dissertation


It is a paper in your last year that you do at the end of a doctorate program. You include studying a specific phenomenon in your argument and afterward present the theory in your literature review. During the research of the event, you use different methods which one of them is interviews or questionnaires. You then discuss the findings of your study in the discussion part of the paper. Your conclusion provides a summary of the whole document without repeating yourself.


  1. What is the length of your dissertation?


Many people usually feel scared when they hear of the dissertation because of their perception of its length. The instructors probably get this question often, “how long is the dissertation?”I can’t possibly tell you that the paper will be 12,000 words or even 9,000 words and neither can I say you spent two weeks working on the paper. Well, I will be lying. Graduate students use between 12 months and 18 months to finish writing this paper. The reason is that the article when writing this paper, there are many factors to consider in writing a quality paper.

First, when writing a dissertation proposal, you need to carry out a lot of research. Read many books, and journals then prepare to start. Note that I am talking about the dissertation proposal and not the actual one. The project consists of three sections of which gives your instructor a clue of what you will be discussing in the paper. If your instructor approves your proposal, you are free to begin the research. If not, you will have to go back to square one.

So you get to know that you cannot quantify a thesis on the number of pages or words or even the length of you use to work on it. What I can say is, the paper is long and takes a long to finish.


  1. Defense of dissertation


Defending a thesis is a process that you go through while writing your paper. The dissertation defense is a process of presenting, explaining and justifying your ideas. You should know that it starts the day you begin writing your article. As concerns in your proposal, you must be in a position to answer questions like how, why, when, what and also where because they are essential. For you to adequately defend your thesis, you need to do the following:


  • Prepare adequately


You can achieve this by attending your colleagues’ defenses or others in different departments. By doing this, you will have a clue about what you have to do when you stand to do your presentation and how they enact the rules related to the performance of the defense. Before carrying out your defense, ensure to review all the materials and confirm that they are in line with formatting requirements and put your work ready for presentation. Moreover, make sure you prepare well for the questions may arise from your thesis. You can do this by inquiring from your chair the problems you can expect or being keen to listen to the questions that come up during your colleagues’ defenses.


  • During the defense


Before you begin any presentation, it is courteous to introduce yourself and give thanks to members of the committee for their time. Afterward, put your materials in order making sure that you communicate effectively on each point. Avoid being equivocal in any manner. Members of the committee will after that ask you some questions, and you should expect two or three items on the delicacies of your proposal and think of how you will maneuver them. They can also ask you how you are planning to do your post research, answer this question using facts and avoid ambiguity. Always look the person who directs the issue directly in the eye as you answer him/her. After that, they will request you to leave the room as they look into your presentation. You will be able to know whether you failed or passed when they call you back.


  • After defense

The committee will ask you to make a few corrections on your thesis after the presentation. After you complete doing the revisions, provide your family member the committee and the department a copy of your bound dissertation.

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