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What is the best font to be used for a college essay?



For college writing paper, the best font to be used is Times New Romans, Font 12. The font used in writing academic papers should consist of the following. It should have clear contrasting italics, and somebody should be able to read it. You should take this as a recommendation.


Use of serif font


Serif is little strokes extend on the letters. By this definition, serif fonts have strokes extension on notes while sans serifs lack them. The examples of san serif fonts are Verdana, Ariel, and Calibri among others and they lack italics. Their letters are slightly slanted towards the right, for this reason, they don’t make a good body text. However, their primary use is for headings and single line texts. Serif fonts have defined italics with sharp contract and are readable in more extended passages. Examples include Times New Roman, Palatino, Courier and New Century Schoolbook.


Chose the type size that is readable


It states that the size of the font you decide to pick should be big enough to enable reading without straining. The dimensions are measured based on ‘point.’ The point refers to the percentage of the screen that letters occupy. One point equals to roughly one pixel on the screen of a computer. When handling academic papers, they recommend using a font size of between ten and twelve points. These sizes make the texts accessible to read without them looking big and oversized.


Paragraphs and margins  


The minimum size of the margin you should use should be 2.5cm while the maximum should be 3cm. For editing, you can use the Page Layout tool. On the other hand, every academic paper you are handling dictates the choice of an indent you will use. If it’s necessary, you can use the tab tool to make an indent which is equivalent to about 1.27cm. The paragraphs in your academic paper should have a double spacing or 1.5 spacing. This kind of spacing makes your words to be neither too cramped together nor also spaced out. Therefore, they become easy to read.

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