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Writing an Argumentative Essay: The Body Paragraphs and the Conclusion


How DO I Write a compelling  Argumentative Essay?: The Body Paragraphs and the Conclusion

There are various challenging things in our globe, as we know it these days. The leadership of Trump in his term, the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, and the presence of climate change are only a few of these problems.

Right from high school to other stages of education, you will be anticipated to write papers of diversecategories. Due to many contentiousconcerns, be certain that you will be writing an argumentative paperin many instances.

In the first editorial in this sequence, I gave guidelines on writing the outline and the thesis statement of an argumentative paper. In this editorial, I will research into the writing of the body sections of such a paper. In what way do you make adispute against Trump’s tenure in such a methodthat you will have the person reading your essay agree with you?

Writing the Body Paragraphs

When giving arguments, they should be based on real facts and proofs. For example, when writing an essay on Game of Thrones where your argument is that Game of Thrones portrays and inspiresextreme male prejudice, you certainly willhave three statements of support for your theme as displayed:

  • The lineage of families in the series is based on the survival of the males.
  • In the series, women have no choice on who they can be married off to.
  • Military positions in the series have been reserved for men.

 When writing an argumentative essay, write down the main points you have in support of the argument. These points are known as the claims. The only way to validate claims is by the use of evidence. Why should the reader believe what you have to say? What is the basis of the claim that you have made?

Body paragraphs have a standard format. The first line is the topic sentence. In this statement, you guide the reader on what you are going to discuss. The statements that follow the topic sentence are the supporting sentences, and in them, you attempt to qualify what you have stated in the topic sentence. You can read more about the structure of a body paragraph in the article.

Essay Writing Process

In the example Game of thrones essay given above, your topic sentence will be the claim that you have given in support of the argument. Your supporting statements will be the evidence that is to qualify your claim.

A sample of a body paragraph from the argument above is:

“In the TV series Game of Thrones, the men in that family are the ones who decide who the women are married off to. This decision is made by either the father, brothers or the uncles to the woman. For instance, CerseiLannister is engaged to Loras Tyrell by her father. She is against this engagement from the beginning, but her father will hear none of it. Sansa Stark is also betrothed and forced to marry TyrionLannister, even when it is clear that she does not want to. Nevertheless, because she is subservient to the expectations the society has for her, she ends up submitting. Each of this instances shows a society in which the word of a man trumps that of a woman. This may go as far as to indicate to the viewers that it is the kind of behavior that they should be picked up, hence encouraging chauvinism.”

To understand how to write killer body paragraph read the article writing body paragraphs


Writing body paragraphs: Essay Writing process


In the sample paragraph above, I have given three pieces of evidence to support my claim. However, when writing your body paragraphs, it is not necessary to stick to that exact number, unless it has been given by your instructor. Just ensure that the evidence you have given is enough to support your claim.

Argumentative essays have two sides of the story: the side you support and the opposing side. To successfully write a catchy argumentative essay, your argument needs to beat that of your opposing side. You, therefore, have to refute your opponent’s argument.

How to Successfully Oppose an Argument

When writing an argumentative article, there are statements that you will come along supporting the contradictory side. Reserve two or more sections in which you will contradict these statements while giving proof. A good contradictionought tobe backed by solidproof, or else it will be considered as a tale.

So back to prejudice in Game of Thrones. My antagonists would possiblyclaim that the matrimonies in the televisionappearanceare enforced on both the females and the males. My contradictionwould be outlined like this:

 “Some would argue that the marriages in Game of Thrones are forced on both the men and women. I mean, we see both Sansa and Tyrion forced into a marriage they are both strongly against. However, you should note that even though both parties might not have an option, the woman is tied down to the marriage more than the man is. For example, a scene is seen where Cersei and Joffrey are talking about marriage and the expectations. Here, Cersei informs her son that his job will be to visit his wife occasionally and bear little princes and princesses. Otherwise, he can go around with any other woman he wishes to. A similar scene is seen between Cersei and Sansa.”

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